[O.W.W.L. Success Tip] What is your relationship to Jealousy?


jealousy_scrabbleAs you may have read, my spring and summer months helped me to reinvent and recharge myself. One of the things I did was to release people, things, and energies that did not support or serve me. One of these includes jealousy of others regarding what I did do or didn’t do that they had handled and I didn’t. I got help from this from a mentor, who taught me this:

Jealousy Tips:

  1. Feeling Jealous Means You’re Ready To Become A New, Higher Version Of Yourself
  2. Jealousy Can’t Grow In A Garden Of Gratitude
  3. Jealousy Is A Mirror For Where You’ve Been Afraid To Grow
  4. Stop Telling Your Old Tale…It’s Time To Tell A New Story Of Success


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Success Story

My name is Blair Boyer and I am the VP of Professional Development for HRMA of NM. Janis was gracious enough to volunteer her time and knowledge to facilitate a wonderful presentation to our local chapter titled, “Authentic Leadership: Secrets to Effective Human Resource Management”. Using a wonderful mix of knowledge, wisdom and humor, Janis delivered an engaging and educational presentation. I would highly recommend Janis as a speaker and look forward to potentially utilizing her skills again for our chapter.

Blair R. Boyer
Director of Human Resources – Dion’s


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