[O.W.W.L. Success Tip] Would you rather work hard or work soft?


Do you feel you are really working hard?

What would it look like if you chose to “work soft”…and get everything.

woman in the fieldIn observing and buddying with Ellen for two years, I have noticed that she runs her very lucrative coaching business while raising two boys and a husband. (…not raising the husband, but having one!) She also takes the summer months off every year, runs several programs at once, and has written several books. Ellen doesn’t work; she PLAYS! She giggles when she has a breakthrough. She calls breakdowns “interesting.”

What I have gleaned from Ellen’s philosophy is that “working soft” is a mindset.  It includes having inspired action and joyful implementation.  It shifts “have to and should” to “delighted to and excited to.”  Working soft doesn’t make anything wrong or bad. It makes things a puzzle or a game or an opportunity.

Change your philosophy to “I work soft, not hard” by asking yourself these questions:

  • What sabotaging beliefs do you have that feed the working hard cycle?  E.g. I have to trade time for dollars, everything takes longer to do, I have to do it all myself
  • What new beliefs will you practice instead? E. g. I am fully-supported by excellent people, I can get two hits with one swing, self-care is my first priority

I am a champion for you getting the life you love!

PS. Learn more about working soft through the 2015 O. W. L. Coach Certification and Training Program. Please contact Support@JanisPullen.com for information regarding this important avenue of fulfillment and income.

Success Story:

You’re like one of those really, really huge trees in the redwoods forest – your roots go so deep, your branches are so expansive – you reach the heavens, and entire colonies grow and flourish in your arms.

Sue Tsigaros, Executive Mastery Coach, Sidney, Australia


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