Ontological Weight Loss (O.W.L.): Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Solution

“Janis loves you into results. She believes in you and does not let you be less than magnificent. The work is deep, and yet she makes it fun. O.W.L. is about weight loss and also a way of being. I have not only lost the weight I wanted to lose, I have also learned to make powerful requests, to take a stand for myself, and to celebrate life.”

What is the Ontological Weight Loss Program?

Ontology is the study of being and of our relationship to reality. The Ontological Weight Loss Program (O.W.L.) addresses the real reasons people can’t lose weight or keep it off – the mental/emotional components of weight loss, both conscious and unconscious.

Please read below to discover if this program is for you and to learn the details: benefits and features, who developed it, who should participate and who should not, investment, and other logistics of the program, how to apply, and more detail about the term “ontological.”

The O.W.L. Program is for YOU if…Which of these describes you?

  • Ready to lose weight once and for all.
  • Hungry for grace, ease, confidence, & fun in a body you love.
  • Sick of unsuccessful weight management attempts.
  • Chronic dieter who has tried every diet that comes along, or you may be frustrated, hopeless, or resigned to a pattern of binging/starving, or you may have given up altogether.
  • Energy or health is dragging you down due to excess weight.
  • Weight concerns have sabotaged your experience of joy, ease, peace of mind, freedom, health, and self-respect.
  • Want to lose weight and are also afraid to do so.
  • Committed and willing to reinvent yourself, to love yourself, and to transform yourself without drugs, surgery, or fad diets. O.W.L. is for your permanent transformation of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

What’s in it for me? (Benefits of the O.W.L. Program)

  • Once-and-for-all, permanent solution (ONCE IN A LIFETIME)
  • Inspiring, fun, insightful, rewarding, and transformational process
  • Priceless tools, techniques, and insights with integration to your life
  • New empowering ways of dealing with stress, people, and circumstances
  • Weekly support from a compassionate coach who has walked the walk
  • Personal training and coaching to break through your obstacles
  • Transformation of relationship to your body, your food, and yourself
  • Exponentially enhanced joy and freedom
  • Expanded health, energy, vitality, peace of mind, serenity
  • Weight loss and maintenance results that last
  • Transformation of life and lifestyle
  • Self-love,self-respect, self-esteem
  • Group support for encouragement, accountability, affordability
  • Ontological* coaching combined with facilitative action
  • Extraordinary benefits stemming from commitment to yourself, your body, and your life
  • Ontological Weight Loss Program (O.W.L.) provides you a one-time solution for eradicating the struggle and suffering of weight issues

What is *Ontology…and what is Ontological Weight Loss?

The Ontological Weight Loss Program: Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Solution (O.W.L.) is a fun and healthy coaching program designed to help you lose weight and, more importantly, to help ensure that you never gain the weight back again. It integrates you as a whole person: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

The unique methodology of O.W.L. combines the transformational nature of ontological coaching with the results techniques of facilitative coaching.

Ontology is the study of our being and our relationship to reality. In the O.W.L. program we explore the human and the being in human being! This includes who we are being in our relationship to reality, including relationship to ourselves, exercise, food, others, and circumstances. The ontological coaching process uncovers who we are and why we behave the way we do, utilizing the empowering parts, and transforming the parts that don’t work. In the ontological arena, you will discover the real, insidious reasons you are overweight and what is blocking your way to lasting success. This is sometimes described as the mental work, although it covers much more than your brain. Herein lies the foundation for the miracle of transformation. But we don’t stop here; insight without action is useless!

From a facilitative standpoint, we apply tools, techniques, and strategies to move from insights to action to results. In facilitative coaching we employ structures such as planning, tracking, accountability, and project design. We have the support of buddies. We design an individually-customized food program to lose weight and keep it off forever. We invent a movement/exercise habit that invigorates and motivates us. We combine the biology and the psychology to create transformative miracles!

This program works if you participate fully, follow instructions, and be yourself. This program works if you are coachable and are willing to partner with Janis.

What does Janis promise you?

  • to hold your vision tightly & never let go, even if you get discouraged.
  • to be your partner throughout the transformational process.
  • to embrace all parts of you – anger, grief, resistance, ALL of it.
  • to teach you how to love yourself & create the body you love.
  • to never give up on you, to be a fierce stand for you getting your results
  • if you are coachable and are willing to follow instructions, this program WORKS!

What are the logistics of the O.W.L. program?

  • Both group and individual packages are available and range in duration, depending on your needs. We allow time to lose weight, to integrate the training and coaching, and to practice maintenance by creating a new habitual reality.
  • Weekly meetings are held via teleconference.
  • You will receive several F.R.E.E. bonuses when you register.
  • There are no pills, powders, or meal replacements to purchase. You will eat real food that you select yourself.
  • The calls include training, coaching, and discussion.
  • There are weekly and monthly assignments (practices).
  • Investment for the program is payable in advance.
  • Credit cards, checks, and cash are all accepted.

If you would like to learn which of the various O.W.L. Weight Loss Programs is right for you, then you will want to schedule a “Lose Weight for Life” complimentary weight loss breakthrough session. Please request your session by clicking on Complimentary Sessions/Lose Weight for Life and fill out a short questionnaire.