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Ontological Weight Loss (O.W.L.): Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Solution

“Begin Now Releasing Weight Forever
by Yourself, in a Group, or with a Partner”

It’s All Possible for You in this…

9-Week O.W.L. Quick Start Program:
Breakthrough Secrets to Creating a
Slim, Energized Body for Life”

Dear Friend,

A vast majority of people want help in finding out why they can’t lose weight and keep it off. They know they have unconscious, self-sabotaging habits, but they don’t know how to break free of the suffering and overweight. They may even be sabotaging each other! What people really want is to be slim, energized, and healthy. They want to be confident, respected, and be the person they know they can be. They want to create a body and a life that they love and deserve. They want to be proud of themselves and of each other.

8868123_sThis letter is written especially for you if you are:

  • Having difficulty losing weight and keeping it off
  • Fed up with blame, shame, or guilt
  • Ready to make important weight loss breakthroughs
  • Hating yourself for how your body looks
  • Ready for a new perspective on weight loss
  • Frequently in a war with yourself or with your food
  • Tired of spending money on diets that don’t work, medical expenses, and bigger clothes
  • Having difficulty doing this alone and would like more support

And you want to:

  • Lose weight and keep it off forever
  • Learn how to love yourself and your body
  • Expand your results by losing weight with a partner
  • Have fun while becoming fit and healthy
  • Feel empowered, balanced, and confident in all areas of your life
  • Address the mental/emotional aspects of weight management
  • Learn breakthrough secrets no on every taught you
  • Follow a simple, step-by-step proven program
  • Be coached by a compassionate ally who has dropped 50 pounds
  • Achieve success once and for all
  • Transform your deepest fears regarding food, weight, and health
  • Be proud of yourself and your buddy

Now more than ever people are motivated to lose extra weight,
keep it off forever, and enjoy a body and a life they love.

We decide to do the O.W.L. Weight Loss Program as a couple because we both struggle with weight and wanted to be at a healthier weight. We support each other, we understand what the other person is going through, and we are eating the same foods. If you are both serious and committed about the program having a partner is one of the best tools around. We keep each other accountable, we support each other and we celebrate together.
Margie and Brian, Albuquerque, NM

Whether you’ve never been overweight until now, have lost weight in the past and gained it back again, or can’t lose the weight at all, this program is for you. Whether you have a little weight or a lot, this program will give you the foundation to succeed. Even if you have tried other programs that didn’t work, you have saved the best for last!

Announcing the BRAND NEW 9-Week
O.W.L. Weight Loss Quick Start Program:
Breakthrough Secrets to Creating a Slim, Energized Body for Life

In this program I will reveal weight loss breakthrough secrets you’ve never been taught before. I’ll personally coach YOU on exactly how to stop weight loss self-sabotage and create life-changing breakthroughs, giving you an exciting new relationship with food, your body, and EACH OTHER — without the frustration of trying another thing that does not work.

Why am I so confident that I can coach you to create a weight loss breakthrough? Because I used to be where you are now, I used this very system to transform my relationship with myself and with food. And today I have dropped 50 pounds and kept it off since 1997.

But first, let me share with you how this all started…

I developed my signature system, Ontolological Weight Loss: Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Solution (the O.W.L. Program), because of my own history of weight struggles. I had been on a journey since the Twiggy days of the 1960′s, struggling and suffering with my weight over a 70-pound range. I yo-yoed with every diet known to mankind and in 1995, after bursting the zipper of my costume in the middle of a solo ballroom dance competition, released over 50 pounds of excess fat.

I practice what I preach with the O.W.L. program and now experience peace with my weight and my body. I am passionate about bringing the opportunity for joy and freedom to others who struggle and suffer with weight issues.

If you want to do this by yourself, that’s great! I have also worked extensively with pairs and know that it’s even EASIER to get results working together. It’s been shown that when you have a partner in your weight loss journey, you are far more likely to succeed. So if you are aware of a family member, spouse, or friend, who wants to do this with you, that’s even better! I don’t want anyone else to suffer when there is a proven step-by-step method for both of you to emerge victorious from the suffering and pain of being overweight.

Supplementing the full-length O.W.L. program and by popular demand, I am excited to present the 9-week “O.W.L. Weight Loss Quick Start Program: Breakthrough Secrets to Creating a Slim, Energized Body for Life.”

So what IS the O.W.L. Quick Start Program?

Here’s just a sampling of the modules I’ll personally coach you
through in this exclusive program…

6-Step Weight Loss Quick Start Breakthrough Secrets Modules:

In these powerful modules I’ll coach you each step of the way to create new, empowering weight loss mindsets and habits that magically transform your relationship with your body, increase your confidence and self-worth, drop weight, improve your health, and more!

  • Module #1: Claim Your Personal Power
  • Module #2: Willpower Is Not The Answer: Discovering Your Subconscious Sabotage Patterns
  • Module #3: Creating Strong Support Structures
  • Module #4: Transforming Your Relationship with Yourself
  • Module #5: Creating Accountability and Action
  • Module #6: Maintaining Integrity: Whole and Complete

I really believe that Janis Pullen saved my life! With her guidance I have actually FELT emotions, those things I really haven’t felt because I was always eating, and thinking I felt better because of the taste of what I was eating, but feeling guilty for the over eating and the kinds of food I was eating. I feel as if a doorway to another time line has opened and I stepped in and am now living the life I was meant to. I understand my drive to achieve and my drive to eat and protect myself with food and fat.

Janis and the O.W.L. program have affected every aspect of my life! My marriage is better, and it was great to begin with, I’m developing and achieving goals in other parts of my life, and I’m making a difference for others!
Thank you Janis!
Dr. Lisa Orick-Martinez, PhD, Albuquerque, NM

Let’s take a look at how easy I’ve made it for you to transform your relationship with your weight from one of guilt, fear or shame to one of joy, independence and freedom…

O.W.L. Quick Start Program Includes:

  1. 9 weekly, educational and inspiring coaching telephone sessions with me; that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home or office!
  2. Recordings emailed the next day if you can’t make a live call or want to listen again
  3. Exciting, step by step exercises which I’ll personally coach you to complete; they make creating your weight loss breakthrough a simple, joyful, and freeing experience
  4. Downloadable handouts, tracking sheets, and templates to make your Weight Loss Quick Start progress easy and effortless
  5. Practical action step assignments designed to help you experience and succeed with permanent weight loss insights and strategies
  6. Provocative mindset coaching questions & statements to help you stay powerfully on track
  7. Instant access to me for questions and answers about your journey or the program
  8. Ways to work with a partner for faster, permanent results
  9. Register yourself, with a partner, or in a group

One of the most important results O.W.L. has produced for me in addition to weight loss has been an incredible confidence when it comes to my professional life. When I first started my business, I felt frumpy, and wanted to hide out where no one could see me because I felt so overweight. I hid behind my desk, behind my baggy clothes and by being quiet, not seeking the clients I knew I needed for my business to succeed. After entering O.W.L., I began to see how eating and weight gain were part of my hiding out as well. The holistic approach that Janis takes in the O.W.L. program affected not just weight, but my whole essence, and resulted in me feeling strong, confident, and owning my strengths and abilities – and that has meant a huge increase in clients and income.
Thanks, Janis!
Debra Gilroy, PhD,

I’ve designed this coaching program to go DEEP. I’m going to hold
your hand all the way through. But, if that’s still not enough…

PLUS…I’m including these generous BONUSES:

Bonus 1

“What on Earth Am I Going to Eat Today?”

Lack of planning can sabotage the best of intentions, robbing you of time, energy and success. To boost your weight loss breakthrough, I’m gifting you with a bonus coaching session where I’ll give you juicy content from my book by the same name to help you establish a positive mindset and utilize practical suggestions to make peace, not war, with your food.

VALUE: Lifelong support – priceless!

Bonus 2

Strategic Project Design

This customized, personalized plan is essential in guiding you successfully toward your weight loss goals. It is a valuable resource during your Quick Start Program as well as beyond.

VALUE: Lifelong support – priceless!

Bonus 3

Private Follow-Up Call Within 10 Days of Completion

I will gift each of you a private, customized coaching call within 10 days of the completion of your program in order to help you stay on track with your weight management, provide accountability support, answer your questions, and explore next step options.

VALUE: $249

Bonus 4

Include your partner (spouse, sister, mother, friend, etc.) for FREE!

Since permanent weight loss is more successful, and also more fun, when we have a buddy, and if you choose the private program option, I want to give you the opportunity to include a spouse, partner, or friend at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE if you choose! (This is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.)

VALUE: $2947

My sister and I were both at the same point – needing to kick start our healthy eating and weight loss, and we were both complaining to each other. We decided to use the O.W.L. Quick Start program together to help each other, especially since we live very close and could exercise together. We were able to support each other through all aspects of the O.W.L. program, including being accountable with food and weigh-ins.
If you both have similar goals, working together on the O.W.L. Program can be such a positive motivator, and it makes the whole process easier and more enjoyable. It’s really great to celebrate results with someone in person!
Sisters: Denise and Deb, Erie, PA

So now you may be wondering,
“Janis, this sounds exciting, but what is my investment?”

It’s a challenge to put a price on this program. On the one hand, I know that if you need this program, you may not believe in yourself or your ability to succeed in weight loss; therefore, you may not want to invest in yourself. On the other hand, I know that if you say yes to this program, your experience is going to change for the positive (and quickly). (Studies show that overweight people make $30,000 less per year than normal weight people, so the investment could even enhance your pocketbook!)

So, I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you, which is why I have priced it at a very fair price. Investment for the 9-week “O.W.L. Weight Loss Quick Start Program: Breakthrough Secrets to Creating a Slim, Energized Body for Life”.

If this sounds like something you, or your partner, or even your friends would like to participant in, please schedule a consultation with Janis here.

Are you ready to break through to a new body, a new slim & healthy mindset, and a new confidence in yourself? Are you ready to free yourself from the mental, emotional, and physical burden of being overweight?

Click here to secure your spot today

Plus, you’re protected and I’m assuming ALL of the risk
with my “Personal Satisfaction Guarantee”…

My Personal Satisfaction Guarantee!

It’s really important to me that this coaching program resonates for you because if your heart’s not in it, what’s the point, right?

I’m 100% confident you’re going to love what you’re going to learn, and I want you to feel at ease making this decision. I guarantee that if you listen to all the recordings and complete all of the “O.W.L. Weight Loss Quick Start” homework assignments, you will be completely satisfied. If not, you may request a refund. My former clients report that they received massive value from the O.W.L. Weight Loss programs when they followed instructions and did the work.

“Yes, I’m ready to experience joy, health, and freedom
from excess weight for the rest of my life!

I understand with my investment, I’ll receive the following:

  • Module #1: Claim Your Personal Power
  • Module #2: Willpower Is Not The Answer: Discovering Your Subconscious Sabotage Patterns
  • Module #3: Creating Strong Support Structures
  • Module #4: Transforming Your Relationship with Yourself
  • Module #5: Creating Accountability and Action
  • Module #6: Maintaining Integrity: Whole and Complete

I will also receive these BONUSES:

  1. “What on Earth Am I Going to Eat Today?” coaching session
  2. Customized Strategic Project Design
  3. Private Follow Up Call Within 10 Days
  4. Option to include your spouse, partner, or friend for free if you choose the Private Couples’ option

Plus, I know I’m protected by your Personal Satisfaction Guarantee.

If this sounds like something you, or your partner, or even your friends would like to participant in, please schedule a consultation with Janis here.

Rest easy, your order will be processed on secure servers and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and confirmation within just a few minutes.

So, are you ready? Secure your spot TODAY because your slim, energized, healthy body — and all the possibilities that come with it — is waiting for you!


P.S. Remember, you’re investing in the 9-week “O.W.L. Weight Loss Quick Start Program: Breakthrough Secrets to Creating a Slim, Energized Body for Life” at absolutely NO RISK to you. You’ve got nothing to lose, so why NOT register NOW?

Still Undecided? Have Questions?

Ask me any question about the “9-Week O.W.L. Weight Loss Quick Start Program, and I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you. Email me at with “question about Quick Start” in the subject and I will be in touch ASAP.

We chose to do the O.W.L. Weight Loss Program together because we could support each other along the way. And we would both be on the same plan instead of each doing our own thing. The advantage of doing this together is we would be learning each other’s food triggers and how to deal with them together instead of coping on our own. This also allows us to help support each other and for each of us to know that we have a champion in our corner. Plus we can change habits together, leading to a much healthier and happier life together.
I would strongly recommend for anyone to do this with a partner, be it a married couple, best friends, siblings, or even co-workers. I think it makes it easier to believe your sabotages, and to have someone reinforce your shifts into empowerment. I think it is great to have a partner so you have someone to share the trigger moments with and the successful moments. And more importantly, you don’t feel alone and thinking you are the only one with this problem.
Kelli & Steve, Albuquerque, NM