lisa_banda11513“Janis believed in us before we believed in ourselves. After we each dropped more than 40 pounds through her Ontological Weight Loss Program, Janis helped us break through our sabotages and overcome our fears in becoming weight loss coaches. We are now coaching our own clients and growing our new business! Thank you Janis!”
Brian and Margie Campbell, O. W. L. Weight Loss Graduates and Certified O. W. L. Weight Loss Coaches

I want to acknowledge Janis Pullen today for being a freaking AWESOME coach! She helped me see that I was playing a game I couldn’t possibly win (in the empowered sense of the word). Together we designed a new game complete with rules I love and prizes that feed my spirit.

Specifically, she was an impeccably insightful listener, patient yet interruptive when necessary, lavished me with acknowledgement, and was so creative I wanted to play along.

Thank you, Janis!
— Dinah Snow, Certified Money, Marketing, and Soul Coach,
President-elect, International Coach Federation – Colorado

lisa_banda11513“I had four surgeries in 2010, and in 2011 I decided to join a weight loss challenge at my gym. If it didn’t work I was ready to second mortgage my house to pay for lap band or gastric by-pass surgery. During the orientation for the challenge, I heard Janis Pullen speak about her O.W.L. program. Her words resonated with me. I KNOW what to eat, I KNOW how to work out, but I don’t know WHY I’m eating. 8 months later and over 91 pounds lighter and much healthier, I owe my life to Janis!
I really believe that Janis Pullen saved my life! With her guidance I have actually FELT emotions, those things I really haven’t felt because I was always eating, and thinking I felt better because of the taste of what I was eating, but feeling guilty for the over eating and the kinds of food I was eating.
I feel as if a doorway to another time line has opened and I stepped in and am now living the life I was meant to. I understand my drive to achieve and my drive to eat and protect myself with food and fat.
Janis and the O.W.L. program have affected every aspect of my life! My marriage is better, and it was great to begin with, I’m developing and achieving goals in other parts of my life, and I’m making a difference for others!
I have released over ninty-one pounds to date and continue to work with Janis to release the rest.
Thank you Janis!
Lisa, PhD

Deb before & After“One of the most important results O.W.L. has produced for me in addition to weight loss has been an incredible confidence when it comes to my professional life. When I first started my business, I felt frumpy, and wanted to hide out where no one could see me because I felt so overweight. I hid behind my desk, behind my baggy clothes and by being quiet, not seeking the clients I knew I needed for my business to succeed.
After entering O.W.L., I began to see how eating and weight gain were part of my hiding out as well. The holistic approach that Janis takes in the O.W.L. program affected not just weight, but my whole essence, and resulted in me feeling strong, confident, and owning my strengths and abilities – and that has meant a huge increase in clients and income.
Thanks, Janis!
Debra, PhD

Melinda before and after“Janis is a wonderful coach with real life experience to stand behind. Because Janis has been there, she understands the challenges and excuses that arise for everyone; thus she is able to motivate, encourage and guide her clients through their obstacles.
And somehow she always knows the right questions to ask in order to get to the real issue that keeps her clients in bondage to their addiction(s) and/or behaviors.
I am forever grateful to Janis for her commitment to sowing into my life and helping me reach my weight loss goal of 50+ pounds. I couldn’t have done it without her.”
Thank you,

Cathy Before and after“Janis loves you into results. She believes in you and does not let you be less than magnificent. The work is deep and yet she makes it fun. O.W.L. is about weight loss and also a way of being. I have not only lost the weight I wanted to lose, I have also learned to make powerful requests, to take a stand for myself, and to celebrate my life.”
“I am learning so much from you, and I love being in O.W.L.. I am seeing breakthroughs in fun, celebration, ease, and love. I am more adventurous and am taking more risks. Thank you for your support and great coaching. “
GRADUATION WORDS: Dear Janis, thank you for having the vision of O.W.L.. The tangible outcome is that I lost 34 pounds. The best part is that I know how to keep it off and I know I can keep it off. The intangible outcomes are many: I am at a healthy weight because I matter and because I am committed to taking care of myself. I am having more fun, and I am enjoying finding new ways to honor myself and my healthy body. I am much more likely to share my celebrations and what I am celebrating. You coach us with love, and you hold us accountable. You have walked along with us, and you know what you are talking about when you guide us. It has been great to work with you, and I always tell people that I knew you and knew that O.W.L. would be a great experience.

Mindy before and afterWhen I think about the work that you do, I am struck with such a sense of awe. People ask me what we do in the program, and it’s often hard to put it into words. I simplify it by saying that it is all about relationships — to self, to food, to others, to God . . . but it is truly more than that. You start out with people who have resigned themselves to a way of living that is harmful, discouraging, and destructive to them, and at the time we all believed that was the only way to survive.
You have shown us all that we are not “broken” but we are trying too hard to be someone else . . . someone for the sake of other people, someone who comes from fear and protection rather than essence and self. You give each person one of the most powerful gifts that anyone can give. You give that person a sense of self, a sense of who they are when fear is not in the picture. Your program has not only given me a set of words to describe me, but through the practices, conversations, and meditations between calls, the skills you give have taken me to a level where I know WHO I am, I know who I’m NOT, and I am beginning to know HOW to be ME with other people.
There is such a sense of power and wonder in that. So when I say you fill me with a sense of awe, here is what I mean:
Awareness of who I am,
Wonderment at all the new opportunities out there that I no longer fear,
Enthusiasm for life
Thank you,

Danielle - before & After“The O.W.L. program has changed my life forever. I have never felt such deep love from anyone including myself. Janis is the best at making you realize things about yourself that you never knew were there. She will embrace you with her words and love you for who you are and whatever you bring to share. O.W.L. is a program that will last forever. It goes past the diet to the real reason that you are overweight. If I had not started this program, I would be 50lbs heavier – or more – and sleeping everyday, eating things that I do not love. I would be on my way to death at an early age. This program teaches you the importance of taking care of all of you not just your body but your mind your being your spirit. Janis to me is one of the most important persons in my life because she has helped me save my life. I am happier, loved by others, and I love myself. I realize my purpose in life. From my every being I thank Janis for the opportunity for change.”
“I love you and you do a great job at this program. I have to tell you there is nothing like it out there, which makes it perfect. You are the kindest, most loving, special person in my life; and I thank you for helping all of us on this journey … and remember your journey is perfect too.”
GRADUATION WORDS: “If it weren’t for Janis & the O.W.L. program, I would be well on my way to chronic illness and a short life. O.W.L. was the absolute best thing that happened to me. I watch my dad suffer from diabetes and am so thankful that I got healthy as I have decided not to suffer anymore. Janis said that this program is unlike any others, and it is true. This program is my life, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. I was successful! And I can’t wait to live a long, happy life! Thank you from all of my being. I never believed I could look & feel the way I do now. O.W.L. has changed my life forever. Janis, you have given me the best gift ever…the gift of love and help. You helped me find my purpose in life, and for the first time I know who I am. I am eternally grateful to have you in my life. I have been shown true love by you, and I am so happy.”
“When Danielle started the O.W.L. program, I was decidedly skeptical that she would stick with the program and/or loose weight on it. She had tried several programs without success and was now a little over 200 pounds, which scared us both, especially since she is still so young (in her 20s). Her dad has diabetes and high blood pressure, so she was on the way of inheriting medical problems as well, due to being overweight. In addition, being overweight caused low self-esteem and a feeling of being out of control and hopelessness, which carried over into other aspects of her life.
“Janis and the O.W.L. program put Danielle back in charge of her life and a feeling of accomplishment. Before the program, she complained constantly of being tired, of feeling ugly and fat. She had absolutely no goals or if she did would not follow through on any of them. Janis is so wise and has a wonderful way of confronting the issues without being threatening or overbearing (like moms tend to be). She also knows that being overweight always comes from underlying issues that have to be addressed first, before going on a successful weight loss program. The O.W.L. program is really a life changing one. It is not a fad diet program where you loose a lot of weight initially only to gain it back later when life gets tough again.
“Thank you, Janis, from the bottom of my heart to hand me back a daughter who now has the tools to live a healthy and productive life.
With gratitude,

Victories reported after three months of O.W.L.
(in addition to weight loss):

  • Self-discipline
  • Choosing powerfully
  • Both/and, creativity
  • “Magical” weight loss
  • Noticing source of hunger
  • Noticing hunger won’t kill me
  • Speaking up for what I need
  • Completion on several topics
  • I follow instructions.
  • I consider my essence when I dress. (I have also been doing some research into fashion choices, what flatters my body type, etc.)
  • Choosing commitments
  • I meditated 10 minutes every day for 7 days last week (more now).
  • Other victories: I posted my life vision as a note on Facebook and got a lot of responses. Wow! (This is a visibility victory.) I am taking steps toward a possible new career.

Victories reported after four months of O.W.L.
(in addition to weight loss):

  • I have shifted my relationship to food. My transformation is to loving myself, and I have positive changes in my life, like setting boundaries and being very compassionate with myself.
  • I am recognizing reasons I want to binge, learning to like and love myself, remembering to laugh daily, not so uptight, learning to set boundaries and put myself on my schedule
  • I have really taken the time to love myself and have started working on taking care of my needs. I have started to see value in who I am. I have begun to create priorities from a perspective of cause rather than effect.
  • I don’t have a sense of losing control anymore. I am not constantly thinking of food. I have new buddies!

What friends & family said after four months of the OWL program:

“You’re relaxed, less driven, more peaceful, goal focused, more engaged in really understanding what’s going on in your world rather then just reacting to stuff, engaged in the inquiry for self, increased awareness for self and increased possibility for self, not reactive, skin/eyes are clearer, taking better care of presentation like using makeup, in more action regarding health like seeing your doctor, cooking more.”

“I asked all my best buddies what they have seen in me since I started O.W.L., they said that I look great and am much more happy and involved in the things I love. The commented how skinny I am getting, even in my arms and legs. I am so flattered to hear it and I found out also that I have inspired all my friends to be healthy and fit! — Leader!”

“Some of the things I’ve noticed since you’ve been in the O.W.L. program:
A more outward expression of honoring your body.
Confidence that the weight you choose to be at you can maintain.
You CAN get enough vegetables.
Wanting to wear and be seen in clothes that fit and make you feel good and also show off you being proud of yourself.
More sensitive to massage pressure … could be related to less fatty tissue around the muscles.”

What others are saying about Janis’ coaching:

Janis is a transformational force on the planet. She always has her eye on what is missing and how we can handle it so our venture succeeds. She is a beautiful warrior. She is not afraid to say yes or no. She is wise and gentle, strong and caring. She coaches! I recommend her and am happy to speak with anyone about her. I am proud to call her friend and associate.
— Hans Phillips, Ontologist

The most “WOW” part of Janis, for me, is the ownership that she takes in working with you! She approaches the relationship as a “partnership,” which means that she takes a “personal stake” in your results. This approach inspires you to follow her guidance and do the work, because you know that she cares as much as you do about your progress!
— Lisa Hood, Financial Advisor

With Janis as my coach I was able to redesign my life to one of joy and freedom. To begin life again at 50 has been the most exhilarating and profoundly rewarding experience for me. Coaching with Janis made this possible for me. Janis is a most generous coach. During our coaching sessions she always gave her full attention to me, was fully focused on my agenda and knew exactly how to provide the pathway which guided me to knowing and understanding myself from a loving and compassionate perspective. My life is forever transformed because of my coaching experience with Janis.
— Geri Romero-Roybal, Life Coach