Now more than ever people are motivated to lose weight and keep it off forever,
so they can have healthy, vibrant quality of life, love themselves and their
bodies, and enjoy energy and vitality while doing all the things they love to do.

This Weight Loss 101 Package will help you jump start the journey to permanent weight loss and includes several basics that every weight loss professional and overweight person needs in their toolkit:

  • The Ontological Weight Loss Assessment Report
  • The done-for-you Daily Well Being Tracking Sheet
  • The done-for-you “What on Earth Am I Eating Anyway” Checklist and Tracking Sheet
  • The “Health Risks” and “Ailments Linked to Sugar” reports
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Whether you’re a coach, a nutritionist, a trainer, a weight loss or health professional, or are overweight yourself, you can help break free of unconscious self-sabotaging weight habits, gain control of your relationship with food and exercise, and discover how easy it can be to drop weight and keep it off forever!

How to Break Through to Your Next Income Level in Your
Coaching Business, Help Clients Reach Their Weight Goals and
Finally Free Yourself From Debt, Discouragement, Mediocre
and Business Building Self-sabotage.

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“O.W.L. Weight Loss Certification and Training Program”
for Coaches and Weight Loss Professionals

A vast majority of people are overweight and are suffering and struggling with their weight, their bodies, and their self-esteem. They keep repeating unconscious, self-sabotaging habits, and they think that will power is the answer…but it’s NOT!

Millions of women and men want and need this!

Millions of people want to know how to break free of their self-sabotage so they can drop the weight and keep it off forever. Coaches and weight loss professionals want to know how to help their clients create empowering habits so they can begin to experience the richness that is their birthright.


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O.W.L. Weight Loss Certification and Training Program