Why People Can’t Keep Their Weight Off


The Problem: Statistics show that people who lose weight will gain some or all of it back; usually they regain even more!  This is true even for people who have had weight loss surgery. Statistics also show that lottery winners go broke within a few years of winning. Why is this? I was one of those people!

The Secret – Ontological Sabotage Patterns: Although I tried every diet known to mankind, I only addressed two components of weight loss: diet and exercise. I never realized until later that the third component was missing: transforming the ontological sabotage patterns. Ontology is the study of the whole human being, including beliefs, perspectives, judgments, both unconscious and conscious mindsets, thought processes, and emotional triggers. Simply stated, ontology is the mental/emotional part of weight loss. I have distinguished 9 sabotage patterns to permanent weight loss. They also emerge in every other areas of life: weight, money, career, relationships, etc. Sabotage patterns usually emerge in multiples of two or three at a time. They may be conscious or subconscious. And they are at the root of why people regain their weight.

The Transformational Shift: In order to stop the sabotage pattern, we first must notice what is happening, and distinguish it as a pattern, not just a random set of behaviors. Simply recognizing the pattern begins our journey to balance and health. Presence and awareness practiced daily helps people succeed in their goals, even before they take other action steps.

Summary: In achieving and maintaining our goals, we must consider this vital area of ontology. In distinguishing the 9 Sabotage Patterns and transforming them, not only we reach and maintain our goals, we will also flourish in all other areas…because how we do one thing is how we do anything.

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